About Montaza Park

The property is much more than just a garden with a traditional cottage at the front and a timber mill town house behind. Its history goes back to the early 20th Century when it was deemed that 10 acres was sufficient for a family, comprising a husband, wife and two children, to make a living. The original property has been subdivided into two parts each being about five acres in size or 1.9 hectares. This valley in Balingup has had a perennial stream with good water flowing through it for as long as people can remember. The stream flows through our property which has three bridges across of varying sizes.

Balingup is in the heart of the South West of Western Australia where the soils and rainfall provide conditions for tall forests, extensive orchards and vegetable fields. It is a rich horticultural area.

Jonquils Jun15 2412

Jonquils are some of the first bulbs to flower starting in winter.

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